Are you experiencing slow internet connection? Here’s How to Resolve This Problem For Good

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Are you experiencing slow internet connection? Here’s How to Resolve This Problem For Good

having a slow internet connection is more painful than not having internet even. You might think this statement is a little exaggerated, but it’s a true confession from a person who has suffered from the pain of working with the slow speed of internet. The most frustrating thing about having a slow internet connection is that it can bring out the personality in you that even you did not know you had. So, if you’re struggling with the issues you’ve experienced, then read this some advice from the people who suffered.

Slow internet connections are an absolute nightmare for any blogger, Netflix user, internet fanatic, and social media fan. Even after being acknowledged as the biggest threat to the world that we all have been enticed by buying a slow internet service. Most of the scammers are pseudo-high-speed internet service providers who can convince you that their service is superior to yours.

These tricks are set up in various ways that make you feel as if the video you’re browsing or device you are working on is slow. But, in reality, you are tricked badly.

But, in some cases, it’s more than just internet provider fraud that’s making your internet slow. Let’s see the other issues that could be that are causing your internet to be slow.

Router issues

Before you start dialing the number of your internet service provider after reading the introduction of this article, make sure that you do not possess a cheap router.

A router that isn’t expensive may not be able to offer the highest speed of internet for the devices you connect to. Along with having a less expensive router, a hot router can also cause internet speed troubles. If the business Tips router is covered in papers, or in any other clothing , such as a jacket, it can be too hot to function properly. The router will also get hotter when placed in the direct sunlight. This could result in the internet slowing down.

Having a Useless Internet Bundle/Package

Sometimes excessive information can be overwhelming and cause you decide to choose something that is not as beneficial. This is what happens when internet service providers overwhelm customers by providing them all kinds of information about the different internet bundles and packages that they offer. In the end, without understanding what they want they end up selecting an internet package that has lesser speed than they require.

Thus, choosing an internet service provider like Hughesnet Internet that provides internet bundles per customer’s need and needs can help you choose an internet bundle that meets your internet speed need.

Find the issue

This is not to be taken as a hypocrite, but sometimes the problem is in the modem or router, instead of the internet connection.

Before you get frustrated by slow internet speeds from your internet provider, take a look at your modem and router.

What you can do to find out whether the problem is in the internet connection of your modemand router, all you need to do is do a simple reset of your modem and router, i.e. switch them off, and then turn them back on. If this doesn’t work, you can check to see if other devices/computers are experiencing slow internet.

Limit Background Applications

What you may not realize is that background apps like games, and many other apps can have a an enormous impact on the speed of your internet.

Many people open multiple applications without closing them. These applications can impede your internet speed , and also pile up in the background.

It is time to troubleshoot a background program that isn’t affecting the speed of your internet.

Wireless Congestion

What do we mean by wireless conge in this context is that if you are working on the internet where many users are using their digital devices, it could result in your device to experience more congestion.

This happens because signals coming from different electronic devices bleed over one another , causing interference in internet businessbasic connection. In normal internet terms the increase in latency leads to an increase in the speed of data and ultimately affects your perception of speed on the internet.

Verify Your Device

Slow internet can sometimes make you believe you have an unresponsive device or computer. Even though slow internet might trick you into thinking that your computer isn’t working, it could be the fault of your device.

It has been discovered that the majority of complaints about slow internet was attributed to the ill performance of the computer. The slow and bogged down computers can have a huge impact on the speed of your response and speed of internet speed. It is crucial to know that your computer is working completely fine or it isn’t.