LinkedIn Ads: How to Grow Your Company

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Over the past few years, social media marketing has been a major trend in the world. Social networks such as Instagram and Facebook have become major platforms for innovative marketing with millions of users.

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Many people use social media to reach people and drive traffic. However, paid ads can be very effective and provide a great return on investment.

Although Facebook paid advertising is very popular, LinkedIn is not getting the attention it deserves. LinkedIn specifically, through LinkedIn ads, has many potential opportunities for businesses to draw in leads and sales.

Who should use LinkedIn Ads?

Let’s not be shy. LinkedIn is not the right platform for every business. You could also waste your time, money, effort, and resources if you are not on the “list”.

LinkedIn ads should not be used by e-commerce businesses that sell consumer goods. LinkedIn ads are great if your niche is all about self-improvement, skill building, enhancing professional abilities, or promoting business events. If you don’t use LinkedIn for B2B, you are putting yourself at risk. LinkedIn was designed for professionals, and its content is business-oriented.

LinkedIn Ads: Why?

LinkedIn is a strictly business-oriented social networking site. This means that you can reach a highly targeted audience who are more open to business-related proposals than other social networks.

LinkedIn website:

  • LinkedIn is used by 610 million professionals
  • LinkedIn members are responsible for 4/5 of all business decisions
  • LinkedIn members have twice the buying power as average web audiences
  • According to marketers, LinkedIn is the top platform for B2B lead generation.
  • These are all compelling reasons to market and advertise on LinkedIn.
  • How LinkedIn Ads Work

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LinkedIn ads can be used in two ways:

  • Advertisements for self-service

Managed campaigns

Self-service ads allow you to set your own advertising budget, create your copy and set up your campaigns.

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LinkedIn manages managed campaigns. This allows you to partner with a team of LinkedIn professionals to refine your ad copy and help you reach higher-quality prospects.

Both methods use LinkedIn Campaign Manager to monitor and stop LinkedIn ads that are running. You can track clicks and impressions as well as conversions and how much you have spent. This allows you to quickly identify the ads that work and eliminate those that don’t. It even allows you to see the demographic breakdown of those who clicked on your ads and engaged in other ways.

It is very important that you set your budget. This will allow you to limit the amount of money you can spend on your campaigns.

  • Different types of LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn offers many ad formats.
  • LinkedIn Text Ads
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Content
  • LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

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LinkedIn Dynamic Ads and LinkedIn Display Ads are only available through LinkedIn’s Managed Campaigns feature. They can be more expensive so it might not be the best option for someone just starting to use LinkedIn ads.