Make sure to use large, attractive cover photos

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The inside and outside of houses should be shown, so make sure you use the front-end to showcase them. A link allows people to access details about your homes, a mobile app or upcoming events.

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  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Google+ are great places to showcase your best assets.
  • Make sure you use web-optimized images to speed up your website’s loading time.
  • Answer questions on real estate forums and local Facebook groups

Forums are still a popular way to meet buyers, sellers, agents, and other real estate professionals. A few well-thought out questions can help you build a reputation and encourage others to follow your social media accounts. They may want to meet you in person eventually.

You must be disciplined to spend thirty (30) minutes a day (maximum) answering good questions and engaging with potential clients.

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You can also join your local Facebook groups and become a valuable resource. It’s amazing how many leads you can get from social media for buyer and seller leads.

Utilize Videos in Your Online Marketing

Video should be part of your online marketing strategy. Mashable reports that 73% of homeowners would prefer to work with a listing agent who uses video online. Aaron Miller, AgentHacks states that “The first key is to overcome fear and not be afraid to go out there.” Miller says, “Don’t be intimidated at the technological challenges of online videos.” A smartphone camera is sufficient to capture high-quality video when you are just starting out.

You can start with a video of your agent, property listings and virtual open houses on Facebook Live if you need ideas for what to record.

Speed up your website

Your website should be optimized for speed. It is important that your website loads quickly, especially when you are dealing with real estate. Real estate will have multiple high-quality images, which can take longer to load.

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Your website will be more popular and will rank higher in search engines. This will allow for more traffic, leads, and sales.

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You don’t have to be a computer expert in order to succeed in real estate. The online tools you have at your disposal can help you stand out against both national and local competition. The above tips will help you raise your profile and attract more wealthy clients.