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7 Principles of Good Business Card Design



7 Principles of Good Business Card Design

Even with the advent of digital communications, Business Card Design still have a place in face-to-face meetings. These jobs can be found at these conferences, where participants from many industries will still exchange cards.

Because so many people still use them every day, it is important to ensure that your business card is memorable. A business card that is attractive draws attention to prospects and allows you to build a stronger network.

These are some guidelines to help you make your business card stand out and appeal to potential clients or business partners.

Be sure to include only the most important things

Make sure to include enough information to capture the attention of the recipients and make your business card memorable. Although it’s tempting to increase the font size to include testimonials and job descriptions, this can lead to overwhelming information and make your business card less memorable. Avoid the temptation to include everything, and instead focus on the important information.

  • Name
  • Position title
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Website address
  • There are three to four social media handles

A slogan, a QR code and an image, or headshot, may be added.

Use a legal font

Although funky fonts can be great, you want your recipients to be able read your business cards at a glance. Your business card fonts should not be too small, too fancy or too distorted.

Your logo should be the focal point of your business card. Keep the text short and simple.

White Space:

To help them remember, some recipients may jot down a word of a phrase on business cards. Recipients will be able to complete this task more easily if they make good use of the white space.

White space is also a great design tool to draw attention to text and logos.

Keep it on Brand

What do you want people think of you and your company? Your card should reflect your creativity if you are a designer. Are you a party planner? Bright colors are okay. If you are a financial advisor or lawyer, your design should be professional and elegant.

Take a call to action

Even a very simple business card can contain valuable real estate that could be used to promote a special offer, or call to action. A short message should be written that informs the recipient of a special discount or directs them to your website (a QR Code is a handy tool here).

You can instantly make your card memorable by including a call to action or helpful information. This will help you generate more leads.

A professional printer is recommended

Do-it-yourself business card designs can often look cheap or second-rate unless you have the ability to print commercially. This is not what you want to convey to your recipients.

Although you may be able save some money and have the ability to update your information faster if you print them yourself – the impact of handing out a business card made by someone else is not the same as professional printed cards.

Take Care in Choosing Finishing Options

There are many options available. These include rounded corners, other die cuts, holes through, unusual shapes, foil accents and folds that can transform a basic card into a mini brochure (or paper airplane) or a desk box. These ideas can make your card stand apart.

If your brand isn’t interested in such creativity, your business cards might not be remembered. Recipients who use business cards to take notes may be frustrated by a glossy, black card. A smaller or circular card might make it easier to lose.

Proofread your work multiple times

Before you submit your order, make sure to check all of your copy for any typos. Ask a friend or colleague for a second reading. You might be able to spot something they missed. There’s nothing worse than getting your cards back from the printer to discover a misspelling–especially if you’ve already handed it out to professional contact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Are my business cards customizable?

It is possible to design your own cards. Adobe Express, an online tool that allows you to design your own cards from a template, makes it simple. Vistaprint, a card printer, also offers design tools.

Professional printing is often more professional than home printing when it comes to business cards. It’s relatively inexpensive so it’s often worth the investment.

What should a business card look like?

Although less is more, you should include the basics such as your name and contact details, logo, and a brief description of your job or title. While a call to action or slogan can be useful, don’t overfill the card with too many words.

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