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Everyone is well aware of the negative effects of sedentary jobs on the health. Office workers often complain about multiple issues such as:

  • Pain in the back
  • Headaches;
  • Obesity;

Increased problems with the cardiovascular system and similar.

It has been proven that sedentary living increases your risk of developing diabetes and heart attack. These are serious drawbacks, regardless of what office job you have.

The solution is out there. A height-adjustable desk can help you reduce or eliminate the above mentioned risks and other problems. Although there are many choices available, you may want something more. Progressive Desk Company offers height-adjustable desks.

You can use the desk builder tool to move around on the website. This tool will help you build your ideal virtual desk. You can select a lift-system, a desktop shape, and / or color. To aid you in your decision-making, even the price can be shown.

Are these benefits real?

Some people are still skeptical about the many benefits of height-adjustable desktops. What about examining them all?

The pain in your back

Everything is crystal clear here. Your spine adjusts to the height of your desk and chair when you sit. It is no surprise that prolonged sitting causes pain.

You may find yourself standing a lot if you have a height-adjustable table. Standing, a person’s back remains in its natural position. If you feel discomfort, it is possible to make slight adjustments to the position.

A height-adjustable desk can help to reduce or eliminate pain in the back caused by prolonged sitting, but it cannot be linked with a medical condition.

  • Headaches

Your neck is the same as your back. The neck also has vital blood vessels that provide oxygen to your brain. Think about what could happen if your neck is bent or the neck muscles become sore and oxygen is not flowing to the brain.

A headache could also be caused by a bad sitting position. It is better to avoid prolonged sitting at work and at home.

  • Obesity

Even though you won’t see immediate results, height-adjustable desks can be very beneficial. It might be argued that you exercise regularly to lose weight. You might argue that you go to the gym regularly to lose weight. However, after each workout you feel hungry and want to eat whatever you see.

Again, this can be explained. Your body has become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. You suddenly decide to go to the gym, where you burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Your body perceives this as an emergency situation and tries to recover. You feel hungry and can’t resist eating to replenish the calories lost. You regain the calories you lost and thus your weight.

Standing or moving at the desk can help you burn more calories than sitting. Your body doesn’t notice this slow pace of calories burning. Therefore, you only feel hungry when you are hungry and not when your body is preparing for an emergency. You don’t gain weight as a result.

  • Cardiovascular system

Everything is connected here. You can keep your body in a better or worse state of health by using a height-adjustable desk. The general health of the body can also influence the cardiovascular system. It is obvious that obesity is a major reason why people have problems with their heart and blood vessels.

  • Standing is not necessary

A height-adjustable desk means that you can change its position at any time. Many people feel that they must switch to a new way of working, both immediately and eventually. They get frustrated and tired after a long day standing. They finally refuse to get up and move to a desk.

Height-adjustable desks are designed to allow you to work from a sitting or standing position. You have the option of choosing. Many people notice that they spend less time sitting, and more time standing.

You can make the switch easy by investing in nice accessories. A good ergonomic carper will reduce stress on your feet. A high-quality mouse is a must to help reduce stress on your wrists and hands. If you have the funds, it is worth investing in a high-quality ergonomic chair.

Last Thoughts

A height-adjustable desk is no doubt a useful invention. It should be used with care, just as any other item. Even if it is not possible to get it in your workplace, you can arrange your home office with a high-quality height-adjustable table and all the accessories.