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Cybercrimes are increasing

Cybercrimes will not go away. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated as technology improves and provides solutions. Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that cybercrimes will be costing $6 million per year by 2022. Cybercrimes were $3 million in 2015; this shows that cybercrimes are on the rise.

Businesses are feeling the consequences of cyberattacks as the cyberwar rages. Big companies like Yahoo, Adobe, and eBay have seen their profits and reputations erode to the point that they are forced to close. Attacks are also directed at small businesses. These businesses have less resources and are therefore unable to afford the most severe cyber attacks.

It’s not all bad news. There are steps that you can take to protect your business from these attacks. These are some of the steps you can take immediately.

Make a Cyber Security Policy

It is natural to be gung-ho and sack people in response to cyber breaches. Instead of waiting for the fires to ignite before you take action, it’s better to get involved. A policy framework should be created that outlines the expectations of all employees. This document should be precise and clear. The basic IT security policy should address questions such as:

Who is responsible for what? What are the rules for engagement and who is responsible for specific equipment? Who should be responsible and who is in charge?

What is the best way to do remote work? What protocols are used to access servers remotely and work remotely? What about a BYOD setup?

  • What is the maintenance-review strategy?
  • What are the customer’s data processed?
  • What’s your backup plan?
  • How can you get rid old computers and devices without compromising security
  • What steps should you take if there is a breach?

You can create a custom cybersecurity plan for your company using the Federal Communications Commission’s free resource.

Many businesses spend a lot of time sending and receiving data. It doesn’t matter if it’s internal communications or B2B, or B2C; the way companies handle this data can make or break a company.

Emails have become an integral part of our daily communication. However, they might not be the best choice for file transfers that are sensitive. Hackers love email inboxes, which are popular for malware and phishing attacks.

Faxing sensitive information is another option. You may have shook your head at the thought of all the fax machines and cumbersome paperwork that would be needed. Faxing has changed. You can now send faxes online using apps, without losing the security that traditional faxing provides. You can send encrypted faxes online with efax in just minutes.

Training Your Staff

Most hackers aren’t employees of companies. The reality is that hackers often capitalize on what’s known as “insider risk.” This refers to employees who unwittingly give access to hackers. Surprisingly this is the number one reason breaches happen.

Ponemon Institute’s study found that 62% of respondents said they had access data that wasn’t really concerning them. If your employees don’t have a culture of security consciousness, they may leave the backdoor open. Regular training is a must to ensure that your employees are aware of the latest security practices.

Employees should not share passwords with others or visit unsecure sites. IT personnel must verify that employees are not able to insert hard drives or pen drives into company computers.

Make sure your security system is always foolproof

A security breach can cause your business to fall apart if there is just one loophole. You need to be vigilant and make sure your security system is foolproof.

Use robust antivirus software to start. Antivirus software that is reliable and effective should be able to detect and warn you of incoming attacks. Only allow employees to access sensitive data. It is important to create passwords carefully and keep them updated. Passwords should not be made arbitrary, but must follow a set password policy.

Encrypt sensitive data. Encryption makes it impossible for hackers to access sensitive data even in the event of a breach. You can take steps to back up your data. There are many options for storing data: on your premises, in colocation, on the public cloud, or in a private cloud. No matter which option you choose, ensure it is secure. To protect your system, two-factor authentication is a great option.

All devices on your system should be installed and activated with a firewall Firewalls have been proven to be effective in preventing malicious attacks. Don’t forget about the physical security of your hardware. Many companies are so focused on online security that they neglect physical security. Hire security personnel to monitor your systems if necessary.

Audits and risk assessments

Hackers are constantly evolving and discovering new ways to bypass security systems. You must regularly audit your security architecture to ensure it is secure. You should continuously assess your system in order to identify potential threats and possible attacks. You might consider having a risk analyst review your system and make recommendations.

Knowing where the potential risks lie will help you prepare for and mitigate them. Some companies even hire security companies to hack their systems as a test to ensure that the security architecture is resilient to hackers.

In a Sum

Cyberattacks are a matter of “when” and not “if.” Your business will be under attack at some point. How well you prepare will determine whether you can withstand the attack or if you fall apart.

Begin by creating a policy guideline detailing your goals, plans and strategies. Securely transfer information and strengthen your security system. To ensure that you are never surprised by an attack, audit your system periodically.

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